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              Business Mentor               

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.
William Shakespeare

We work with you to guide your thoughts for success
  • Reality check your ideas
  • Offer experienced feedback
  • Set stretching goals
  • Focus on priorities
  • To help you with knowledge and experience
  • Make introductions to key people
  • Offer encouragement and maintain motivation
  • To give an honest opinion
  • Avoid easy the silly mistakes


We work in a non-directive style, ask open questions and help entrepreneurs come to their own conclusions about their goals then helping them achieve success.


We define Mentoring as the passing on of knowledge by a more experienced, person, to a less experienced one, by working together over time to create real progress and value.

A mentor can break the project into easy chunks, increase your efficiency, help with contacts and keep you on track to achieve a successful outcome.

If you feel that unbiased, independent support is what your company needs and you are prepared to listen and take action then mentoring is for you.


Hi, Neil

I just thought I should express my sincere grattitude for all the support you have given me throughout the SPEED programme. Your guidance and support has been beyond expectations. You encouraged me to think outside the box for ideas for my business. I am now on a journey to realise my potential equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

Kind Regards, Duduzile